1. richard mills
    February 18, 2021 @ 7:31 pm

    yes he needs to run again get rid of dominion and mail in voting what ever happened to the machines that couldnt be hacked by internet interference i think if he runs he will have the sen and cong in his corner he may need to have someone beside mitch as leader in the sen we all know the last election was rigged and noone can make me say it wasnt

  2. Louise Billings
    February 18, 2021 @ 1:30 pm

    At the age of 84, I now relaize how corrupt the United States Government is, all due to the Democrat Party. I was born into a family of 13, all but one of us are Conservative voters. That might be because we were taught early in lie there is ‘no free lunch’. The corruption started with the Obama Adminstration and continues now with Biden in the Whie House. We have always talked of other countries being corrupt – all showld review and learn of America’s corruption. Obama must go down in history as America’s worst President – Trump being one of the BEST.

    • liz
      February 22, 2021 @ 4:42 pm

      Absolutely the exact words I have been saying. The most evil, sinister, dangerous man, anti-American, Muslim sweetheart obama started this chaos and how did he get back into the White House? but Trump cannot. He thinks he some kind of black God but we see him as a black devil. I am not one of those extreme religious person but i do have God in my heart and I call that “sewer rat” the anti-Christ. He never did anything worthy while using up 8 years of our lives. After Trump was in, this state is booming with work and I have never see it so prospers. As Col. Allen West says “anyone who votes for obama is stupid, more stupid and highly stupid”…

  3. Eloise
    February 18, 2021 @ 10:31 am

    Yes, Donald Trump should run for President in 2024–but only if our nation’s voting procedures are cleaned up from top to bottom to prevent another 2020 vote-stealing nightmare. That would include the banning of mail-in ballots and all electronic voting machines, ensured transparency and fair treatment of ALL poll workers, and the nationwide requirement for verifiable voter ID cards of all voters. Otherwise, the 2024 election will again be rigged for another Dem-RINO Deep State/CCP stooge like Biden to win again. My justifiable resentment of the brazenly rigged and stolen 2020 election that illegally gave Deep State/CCP shill Joe Biden and his equally corrupt VP—former mistress of San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown Kamala Harris their false victories. They lost to the real winner-by-a-landslide Donald J. Trump. So now those two sellouts are illegally and unfairly ensconced, and their handlers are busily implementing the cabal’s anti-America agenda full speed ahead. The CCP is, of course, delighted, believing that now, with it’s puppets in place, it’s public prediction of it’s complete takeover of the United States by 2027 is on a fast track to reality. So if the United States of America is still in existence in 2024, and if the voting process has been thoroughly cleaned up and made rig-free, DJT should run for President. Otherwise forget it.